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"We say what we clean, and clean what we say!"™
Please click on the following Links for additional information concerning our GREEN Expertise and the GREEN Cleaning Equipment and Solutions  that we use daily.
Environmental Policy

Wellington Building Maintenance Ltd is committed to operating our business in a manner that protects the public, our customers, staff, and the earth we all share. We believe that becoming a “Green” cleaning company is in the interest of all our stakeholders. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint we will actively search for Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, equipment and procedures. We use Green Seal or Eco-logo™ certification as our guide to Greener cleaning.

Customer Environmental and Safety Expectations Plan    

Wellington Building Maintenance Ltd. is committed to meeting customer environmental and safety requirements. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable client requests in regards to their site specific environmental and safety concerns.

Ask Us about:

Nitrile gloves vs. latex gloves.
Zinc-free floor finish vs. traditional floor finish.
Green Seal & Eco-Logo Certified products we use. 
Need a 2nd copy of our MSDS binder?  
Would you like to review our Environmental Policy?
Quality Plan?
Continuous Improvement Plan?
Hazard Communication Plan?
Spill Containment Plan?
Waste Disposal and Recycling Plan?
PPE and Exposure control Plan?
Pandemic Preparedness Plan?
Disaster Plan?
Please ask if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas concerning your environmental and safety expectations. We will partner with you to always meet or exceed your expectations. 

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Environmental Policy Commitments

  • Comply with applicable environmental and worker safety laws/regulations.
  • Conserve natural resources by purchasing recycled materials, concentrates, and efficient inventory management.
  • Work to achieve pollution prevention.
  • Strive to continually improve our environmental management system and performance.
  • Foster a culture that makes the health, safety and well being of our employees, customers, and the public our priority.
  • Provide a safe and healthful workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained.
  • Every employee has the right and obligation to question, stop and correct any unsafe act or condition.
  • In consultation with customers meet their Environmental and Safety Requirements. 
  • Revisit our Environmental Policy at least annually and immediately if a threat to human health, safety or the environment is identified.
  • A copy of this Policy is available in the Employee training manual and the Customer binder. A member of the public may request a copy by email from [email protected]